Superior Ayurvedic Products, Low Market Visibility, and the Search for Brand Identity


EXPERTISE: Brand Visibility, Category Insights, Advisory.

Background and Challenge

The Personal Care category is one of the fastest growing categories in the market today.
Ayouthveda needed more product placements and offtakes for their Ayurvedic Personal Care products. The challenge:
  • Having a strong brand identity in aparity products market that is brimming with established as well as burgeoning competitors.
  • Finding relevant and meaningful differentiation in a highly evolved category like Ayurvedic Personal Care where all businesses have exhausted common branding strategies.

Strategy and Execution

Brand Visibility was our objective No.1.
Ayouthveda’s existing investments in their brand strategy showed that the business did not have a target audience. This is important in a parity products market to provide focus for any communication that the business seeks to do. The business also lacked a uniform look for their wide range of disparate products. A distinct, uniform look that is in sync with a brand narrative was critical for Ayouthveda’s products to stand out
In sum, Ayouthveda needed a universal, standardized, and easily recognizable brand language across all brand communication.
The brand nameinspired having a target audience of 15 – 29 year olds. This fickle and impatient demographic seeks quick results and wants their product to remove the problem from the roots up. So we created a distinctive advantage of “Caring from the Roots”.
Ayouthveda was given a visual anchor in the form of a graceful tree with deep roots to represent this value. If Ayouthveda communicates this anchor/proposition distinctly and effectively, it would provide the much-needed narrative for the business to differentiate itself from its competitors. Ayouthveda began to create a uniform look for their products with this value proposition in mind. Website design and consistent product packaging in line with this narrative further sought to differentiate Ayouthveda’s products – be it online or at the market – to help the products stand out in every way.
At Springboardd, we can create a comprehensive brand identity system for your business.


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