It's a Wrap'ple – End to End Branding Solutions for Premium Dessert


EXPERTISE: Strategy, Branding, Retail Design

Background and Challenge

IG International is a fruit importer that wanted to diversify into the gourmet dessert market with no prior experience, The specifics were that:
  • The product was novel – in its simplest form, it was fruit enrobed by chocolate or caramel.
  • The Gourmet Dessert category does not easily accept new entrants since this market is characterized by stable consumer preferences. This resistance needed to be deflected with innovative branding

Strategy and Execution

The product is a fruit-based dessert that could succeed in reaching out to the health conscious. It merited creating a new product category within the Gourmet Dessert industry – much like pink chocolate. We studied the kinds of challenges that such innovations normally face to create a complete branding solution for the fledgling business.

The business’ specialty was essentially an apple dipped in caramel or chocolate. We coined the name, “Wrapple Street.” Potential customers tempted to try out the specialty dessert would want to try out the other variations once they visit the store. The wrapples — being based on different kinds of fruit — would particularly attract the health conscious willing to try out more. The brand would be built on “Health Cocooned in Flavours.

The first of its kind fruitisserie in the dessert industry

Wrapple Street was also unique like its product. The concept of selling what is essentially fruit in dessert form also merited creating a completely new category in the dessert industry. Wrapple Street was positioned as the first fruitisserie in the world

The logo, the menu, the colour scheme, the interiors… all these aspects sought to accentuate, reinforce, and brand-buildWrapple Street’s unique identity, i.e., a fruitisserie
Critics, dessert lovers, and, a growing fan following are enjoying the fruitisserie experience in Bandra West, Mumbai, with more stores now being planned.
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