Can an infant brand create competitive edge in the storm of mighty competitive forces?


EXPERTISE: Brand Strategy, Naming, Brand Logo, Advisory

Background and Challenge

Our Client, an established automotive parts manufacturing company wanted to diversify into breakfast cereals. They had tried to enter the market but were unsuccessful in past as there was no clear sight to launch a brand and a course to move forward. The company got attracted to the idea of Springboardd and were impressed by our perspective and approach towards launching New Brands
The challenge was that breakfast cereals market in India is fiercely competitive with dominant players like Kellogg’s, Bagrry’s, Mohun’s, and many more large brands. There was almost zero chance for a new player with limited resources to even get placements in retail forget any chance of standing out and drive consideration.

Strategy and Execution

Our understanding was that unless the brand is tightly positioned to a dot, it will not survive. We worked on a simple insight that young women are particularly mindful of their bellies. A little bulge on the stomach and they would become extremely conscious. We decided to sharply focus the brand at young women and pin-point at breakfast cereal that helps in reducing belly fat.

Now how can we support our positioning and help our consumer reduce belly fat through cornflakes, oats, museli? We got our answer in Fiber. Eating Breakfast that is rich in fiber would help in enhancing the satiety factor—making a person feel fuller and not feel hungry for a longer period of time. And hence she would not reach out to fried snacks that may make her fat.

We named the brand as ZEROBELI. A name that carries the positioning and benefit proposition, to ensure that it works seamlessly with our strategy.

So our premise was you may go for any cornflakes brand when you want nutritious breakfast but if one wants to also reduce belly fat then go for ZEROBELI. Our client in support of the idea; enhanced fiber content in the product range and made it slightly higher percentage in comparison to available products. Promoting higher fiber intake and how it helps in keeping a person fitter became the mission of ZEROBELI.

Keeping in mind that fledgling brands don’t have the required resources to support a sustained communication programme, our strategy was to make the Packaging work like a Point of Sale Communication. We incorporated our brand story in the packaging itself.
A firm positioning strategy reflected through the brand name, logo, meaningful narrative — manifested in colourful packaging, acted as a beacon to drive recognition and consistency in Retail, both offline & online
Placements at modern retail came in smoothly. Multiple packs displayed on the shelves created a favourable visual impact. Offtakes started happening and the ZEROBELI was on a roll.
The brand is currently available across all major retail stores as it expands its width and penetration across tier 1 and tier 2 towns. It is available on all online platforms as well.